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The Daily ins and out of being a rural carrier, hosted by Rural Carriers from around the country. ... More. Play all. 1:14:15. Episode 72 Mid-States Recap.... Wow what a show. ….

Jun 7, 2023. #1. I have a 39 mile 800 box route. on a heavy day I actually have to case some dps to make it back in 7 hours or less. on a light day I save 45 minutes on road putting dps up real quick; Management is telling me I MUST take all DPS to street. I say safety should come first and carrier should be able to decide within reason.-- Step 4 ( V-7 ) in part: in accordance with PO-603, Section 141, a rural carrier who is assigned on a route which is responsible for furnishing a vehicle for delivery of mail may be asked to but not required to use an employer provided vehicle. Signed 01 JUL 2010.

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Compensation for Additional Trips. 06/07/2023. Subscribe. On June 2, 2023, the USPS and NRLCA agreed to modify two pre-arbitration settlements, specifically case #C95R-4C-C 98023318, which involves compensation for rural carriers when required to perform an additional trip to the street due to mail that could not be accommodated on the first ...Member. Dec 25, 2020. #2. During the three week Christmas period (which ends today) you aren't paid extra for those extra trips but any other time of the year you should be paid 2 minutes per mile (and ema if pov and over 40 miles total for the day). Not sure where the language about it is but im sure someone else will know.MINI MAIL SURVEY - IMPORTANT NOTICE. The Rural Route Evaluated Compensation System (RRECS) Mini Mail Survey (MMS) concluded September 8, 2023. All rural carriers should have received their Mini Mail Survey Summary for review. All carriers are encouraged to review their Mini Mail Survey for accuracy. If there are any missing/incorrect entries ...May 1, 2022. #3. junkchucker -- [ PTF getting extra 8127 $ for casing Hot Case Letters ] -- In situations like this, you could get more than egg on your face. -- ( Supposedly ) carriers don't file grievances on other carriers. -- Is manglement too busy -- ensuring the 6 mandatory scans are being done -- to notice what the 8127 entries are for ...

I'm a rural carrier 41k route. They moved my K day from Monday to Tuesday due to formulated office. I been working 6 days a week for over a year due to lack of help. I now have 80 annual leave days saved up. Since I can only carrier over 65 days {hope its not 55} I need to use 15 days this year or I loose them.Feb 4, 2023. #8. RuralConfusion22 said: You will choose at the end of the mini mail survey when you certify.. you'll be giving your routes new total weekly hour total and at that point you have to choose whether you elect high option if you fall in that range.. ( and have 10 yrs or more as a Regular Carrier) also if you elect high option you ...NEW: Update on Retro Pay Adjustment. 09/27/2022. As you know, the Postal Service (USPS) and National Rural Letter Carriers’ Association (NRLCA) ratified and signed a new collective bargaining agreement on March 23, 2022, approximately 6 months ago. The new ratified agreement covers the period May 21, 2021 through May 20, 2024, …It has usually been an accepted practice that Management has the obligation to respond to a leave request by the carrier within 3 to 5 days of submission, or earlier if necessary. The discussion of the USPS/NRLCA National Agreement was approved by Andrea Wilson at USPS HQ before it was nationally circulated in the 02 JUL 1994 issue.Eval is paid until mgmt cuts a Form 50 showing the “204b” as such. This should happen at 30 days but mgmt has been know to “forget”. There is no incentive to being a 204b except to get off route. The new Contract limits the 204b position to 6 months for a Carrier then they must go back to route for a minimum of 90 days.

rcarrier232323. •. While there's plenty to be said about carriers not doing their scans or routes that have no volume should be going down, the system is flawed because how much weight it gives to front door deliveries and how it completely wrecks routes that rely on actual mail for their volume.Xmansw said: Good a rural carrier are we eligible for short term disability if we will be out of work for an extended time do to non work related injury. No. If you are a regular and this is a non work related injury or illness you have your sick leave, annual leave, LWOP and you can also request up to 30 days of advanced sick leave.In addition, some managers are using the MDD (scanner) to communicate non-safety related directives to carriers. This is in violation of their own directive. On March 20, 2015 postal service headquarters sent the following message to the field regarding text messaging to rural carriers on the MDD (Mobile Delivery Device). ….

Reader Q&A - also see RECOMMENDED ARTICLES & FAQs. Rural carrier talk. Possible cause: Not clear rural carrier talk. 29,407 likes · 333 talking about this. Postal and Rural News and more!! www.ruralinfo.netSubs hours were transferred to 1314-A forms. On Fridays, mgmt would hand Carriers their 4240 and the 1314 to compare & verify the hours written are correct. The 1314 was then faxed to Payroll for payment. NOW… the computer does ALL of the work. The 1314 is now a "computer form" & mgmt can print it out when needed for verification or ...

Sep 14, 2021. #3. There is a form PS 7020 that is used by the supervisor after an employee requests Steward time from them. This however, is used on the city side. In general rural carriers ask for Steward time and receive it. The Steward is paid in Z time (an accumulation of eight hours towards a day off) and a rural carrier is paid on a green ...Dec 16, 2018. #2. In the "order of consideration" it tells how to fill a "vacancy " on any rural route, annual leave is a vacancy. It is commonly "mis-read" by management when it states the USPS is required to work an RCA 40 hours on their primary route, if their regular is off for any reason. This means 40 hours of work if that route is ...

blue beetle showtimes near paragon theaters ridge Well-known member. Jun 24, 2020. #19. Gotrope said: Ideally discipline should be progressive within in particular category. Failure to follow, accidents, unscheduled leave, etc. But they should not be combining discipline from an accident and a later minor unrelated offense to create a 7/14/removal discipline. workdaymgm737 goose calls The Daily ins and out of being a rural carrier, hosted by Rural Carriers from around the country. Neither Endorsed or Sponsored by USPS or NRLCA.Dec 13, 2023. #1. The head of the union representing rural mail carriers nationwide says the number of unfilled positions at the U.S. Postal Service is at an all-time high and low wages are the main culprit. “It’s the worst I’ve ever seen in my career,” said Don Maston, the president of the National Rural Letter Carriers’ Association ... 10 day weather forecast payson az WELCOME Rural Letter Carriers! This is a Rural Carrier group ONLY. NO management, or management adjacent personell are permitted, including the 204B designation. If you do become a 204B you must remove yourself from the group. If not we will remove you. All member requests are verified by the admins. doppler 7000 radar101 manning drive chapel hilldr sebi store in atlanta ga Normally, RCA vacancies are filled according to the size of the route (a K route would get a sub before a J route, etc.) but carriers who file 120 day letters jump the line. If they fail to hire anyone during the 120 days, you'll need to file a grievance. davidson county recent arrests Aug 28, 2020. #15. Cliff Clavin -- " Are Regular carriers entitled to "Wait Time" for waiting for Clerks to finish throwing the mail or perhaps the truck is late getting to your office? -- Tread carefully as noted above, manglement can push your start time back ( but never seem to push the "depart for the streets, return to office, or leave for ...Well-known member. Mar 19, 2017. #1. On January 19th I filed a grievance for my annual leave being denied. I believe there was a sub available, management says differently. Grievance denied at step 1. ADR requested proof of other carrier's leave slips and that is where it still stands. I know there are time limits on these things. leo curry detroitgal movfe manualnothing bundt cakes jonesboro photos UPDATE: Please be advised that the retro pay due to rural carriers will be reflected in the February 17th paycheck. ***. As you know, the Postal Service (USPS) and National Rural Letter Carriers’ Association (NRLCA) ratified and signed a new collective bargaining agreement on March 23, 2022, approximately 6 months ago.